Organic honey is grown in a natural environment. There is no bio-engineering and hives must be free of chemicals. The flowers that the bees will be getting nectar from! Are not sprayed with chemicals and the bees cannot be fed sugar solution or be given antibiotics.

The hive of honey bee contains beeswax, bee pollen and parts of dead honey bees. In some cases, this beeswax and dead honey bees contain poisonous toxin. This causes headaches, dizziness, vomiting and maybe death.

To remove these toxins the manufacturer using filtration and heating methods according to the “Organic certification authorities” standard. Without organic certification authorities, approval manufacturers cannot label “organic” on their products.

RAW HONEY The best description of raw honey is that it directly comes from beehive without pasteurization. To remove off the little bits of beeswax and dead bee body parts containing in a beehive. We are obtaining honey by extraction, settling and straining. In this case, the honey has not been heated. Label honey as “raw” there is no certificate of raw honey required.

Even there is no more difference between organic honey and raw honey, but some of them including;

  • Organic honey is free of chemical, poisonous toxin and artificial sweetness.

Organic honey certified by the Organic certification body. This is clearly beneficial to your health.

  • On the other side, raw honey is not pasteurized and not heated. Raw honey is usually considered as more nutrition than other varieties of honey.
  • But in the case of raw honey. It is not sure, that the honey bees are fed with sugar or other artificial sweetness during farming.

There is no restriction for manufacturers to label their honey as raw honey.

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