Wholefood Earth Organic Porridge Oats, 1 kg

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  • Wholefood Earth Has Officially Been Awarded A 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating, So you can feel confident in the quality of your food!
  • Our Porridge Oats have a very low Glycaemic Index, this means they are slowly absorbed into the body’s bloodstream.
  • This is good as the low “GI” gives a long gradual release of energy but it also helps keep your blood sugar levels stable
  • What this means for you is that our oats will keep you full much longer than other breakfasts, so they’re ideal if you’re trying to diet. or even if you’re notà
  • Certified Organic By Organic Farmers & Growers

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Product Description

Wholefood earth organic porridge oats is just your regular wheat-based oats. They make for a distinctive start to the day loading you up with tons of fibre and nutrients whilst keeping you full until lunch. Our organic oats are high in potassium, calcium and protein complemented by a high soluble fibre proven to help lower cholesterol and also insoluble fibre content useful for healthy digestion. They are also rich in b vitamins, b1, b2, inositol and the hard to accrue and distinctively heart-healthy beta-glucan making them a sure-fire way to get your day off to a healthy start. These oats still have an ace up their sleeve however as their glycemic index is particularly low. This means they are slowly absorbed into the body’s bloodstream providing a longer more gradual release of energy helping to keep your blood sugar levels stable but also keeping you fuller for much longer than other breakfasts. Because of these properties, our oats are a choice candidate for controlling your weight or more specifically your appetite and are a tool to be used as such. Available in 1 kg pack.


Organic Rolled OATS.


Always Read The Ingredients On The Product Packaging If You Have Allergies or Dietary Requirements.

Manufacturer Contact Information

Wholefood Earth, 22 Leigh Road, Haine Business Park Ramsgate, CT12 5EU, UK.


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