Certified Organic and Raw Polyflora Honey ...


  • 🐝HEALTHY FOR BODY AND MIND – The quality of your food can change who you are and thus make the world blossom; The natural state of our honey brings a sweet nutritional charm to your smoothie or porridge but also has healing effects in skincare.
  • 🐝NATURAL HONEY CRYSTALLISES IN TIME – This process is normal and does not impact its nutritional value; If your honey is not runny when you receive it if it becomes hard or gritty forming crystals similar to sugar, heat a pan of water to 40°C and leave the jar in for 20-30 minutes; Mix it up a bit with a teaspoon until it reaches the consistency you enjoy most.
  • 🐝A GIFT OF LOVE SHARED BY OUR BEES – We love bees dearly and wish to show the world how important they are to all of us; Humans and bees share this big hive called Earth; Help us spread the word and educate people on the health of these amazing creatures.
  • 🐝CERTIFIED ORGANIC POLYFLORA HONEY – The sweet gold in our jars is a natural raw honey which is unpasteurised and clear of antibiotics, additives, preservatives, GMOs and other nasty chemicals; Its properties are recognized by a certificate of quality and purity.
  • 🐝FRIENDLY WITH THE BEES AND MOTHER EARTH – Our family-run farm practices sustainable harvesting; We use glass jars and recyclable lids to pack our honey and encourage our customers to reuse; Our land is kept clear of any chemical treatment and we plant trees and flowers in each season to make sure we give back to nature.

Product description


Raw single-source Romanian Polyflora Honey from our forest farm

Our family has been caring for the farm for three generations. All our lives are dedicated to beekeeping and to our precious hives. That’s where our honey comes from, a gift of love shared by our bees.

Certified Organic Honey

We never use antibiotics or any nasty chemicals and to make sure we always keep our quality promise, Beesplanet jars contain 100% pure natural honey tested by Agreco.

Why it’s important to know where your honey comes from?


Many large retailers, distributors and resellers take pure honey from farms and mix it with artificial compounds, sugars and colorants then sell it as organic honey. This is very dangerous for human health, it ruins honest beekeepers which in turn endangers bees and our planet. It also makes good honey hard to find.

Why our customers love Beesplanet honey?

🐝We use only natural ecological farming methods so we can all enjoy healthy and tasty honey without harming our precious bees or the environment.

🐝Our farm is inspected and audited every year so we can keep our Organic certification. This means you can rest assured, sweet golden goodness is all you get in our jars. You’re welcome 💚

🐝We are on a mission to save the bees. Our customers love being part of our educational programmes and understand the importance of spreading the word. Join us!

🐝Our pure and unprocessed honey brings happiness to your taste buds but also has great health benefits.

🐝We use only recyclable and reusable packaging. Our jars are not just beautiful, they also support an important cause. Therefore we use only glass jars protected by recycled paper boxes.

350g jar
Delivered in recycled card boxes

We love bees dearly and want to tell the whole world how important they are.

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Legal Disclaimer

Not recommended for infants under the age of one.

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