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  • Danalac, Natural Baby Biscuits Finger Food Snack for Toddlers 6+ Months with Calcium Iron and Vitamins, 120 g

    • Offer Danalac Biscuits straight from the pack for a tasty treat
    • Soak in baby milk or warm water to spoon-feed your baby as a wonderful snack
    • Easily digestible biscuits enriched with vitamins and minerals
    • Crispy and easily dissolvable in baby’s mouth and suitable for babies to chew on
    • Nutritionally tailored for babies 6+ months
    • Country string: Switzerland Directions: Crush into a bowl and add some baby milk or boiled water and mix (can be spoon-fed or bottle-fed.) When your baby is ready for self-feeding, offer DANALAC Baby Biscuits straight from the pack. Ingredients: Wheat flour, unrefined brown sugar, vegetable oil, corn starch, potato starch, barley malt, skimmed milk powder, mineral salts, vitamins, aroma. Safety warning: A responsible adult should always be observing young children during feeding times particularly when they are learning to feed themselves.